Avora Digital Colour Lab
has been established since 2015. What originally started as a Millers film processing and printing lab. In 2015 the business was transformed when Avora Digital Imaging Centre entered the online printing market which lead to us securing additional premises to cope with the growth.

Now specialising in our online service using multiple Nortistu QSS mini labs the business has become a huge success. We promise fast turnaround times whilst producing the highest quality prints and products at affordable prices.

Our range of products is ever growing from prints to photobooks. We are constantly researching future developments and extending our ideas to provide our customers with the latest products. We work closely with Kodak always looking for future opportunities which we can bring to market.

Avora Digital Colour Lab has built a reputation for quality, reliability and speed of service. The systems in the lab enable us to run our equipment efficiently …

Not only are our team at Avora Digital Colour Lab knowledgeable and passionate about our products they are also committed to providing outstanding customer service which makes Avora Digital Lab the perfect choice for our customers.

Our technical support and customer service team is always at hand to help for any query or problem.